What is BTCGAME tokenomics?

There is a 10% fee, 5% for liquidity and 5% distributed among all holders. There will be a funding wallet that will get part of the fees, that will be used to help new authors in need buy equipment, get legal assistance and develop their art in the Blockcain world, so the final amount will always be the same there. The dev wallet won’t get any rewards.

How many total supply?

The total supply of 1,000,000,000,000 Bitcoin Game Tokens.

What is the plan?

We will start immediately with campaigns in poocoin and social networks, while we works towards listing in coingecko and other listings. We’ll also get our contract audited. Once we can, we’ll submit our tokens to exchanges. In parallel, we’ll be working with developers in creating our Marketplace. also we have games development for all hodler to earn more rewards.

What is Hodler's do?

Share the Bitcoin Game way of life, add us in Twitter, join our Telegram, shill in Reddit and contribute to our project!.

What are the initial Wallet Objective?

We created a few wallets to arrive at our objective:

(1). A 30% will be assigned to the liquidity in Pancake swap.

(2). The 10% wallet is the charity wallet. The fees allocated there will be used to help new artists and create contests for them.

(3). The 9% wallet will be allocated to the team. It will also be used to add liquidity for other exchanges, among other things. This wallet won’t receive any of the fees.

(4). The 1% wallet will be what is used for costs, selling a part each month. It will be used for marketing, programmers and more.

Can I play if I don’t have a bank card?

Yes, you can use Cryptocurrencies such as : BTCGAME, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Binance, USDT etc.

How many games?

BTCGAME will release some of the best games with a very unique look and easy to play for beginners.

How do I check if I’ve won?

Each winner can see the list of winners in the game application and our official website.

When do game contests and mining games start?

Please open and download our roadmap.

Do I need to register to play?

Yes, you will be asked to download the game application and register yourself to input data and BTCGAME wallet address.

Do i need to purchase game?

You can download all games for free, but at certain levels you can buy credits for each game to get a chance to get more BTCGAME.

Is there an affiliate program for the game?

Not yet, but in the future there will be an affiliate program to increase the number of players and increase BTCGAME users, for more information please see our roadmap.